Il Prisma transforms Mars Group's Milan hub

Mars is entering in a new era of work, emphasising flexibility, agility, and offices as spaces for connection and socialisation.

Our founding member Il Prisma has reimagined the workspaces for Mars, Royal Canin, and AniCura, crafting an environment that seamlessly blends identity with adaptable workspaces tailored to agile working and employee needs.

The One Mars Office, situated in Milan's vibrant Symbiosis business district hosts the Southern Europe Multisales Cluster, marking a post-pandemic transformation. Il Prisma's Worksphere division, placed the spotlight on collaboration spaces, revolutionising the conventional office setup. Here, closed spaces and individual desks give way to collective and flexible spaces, fostering both work and personal relationships.

Common Areas

In common spaces, Il Prisma meticulously incorporates Mars values. Recognising that a company's success hinges on employee belonging, these spaces are carefully designed to coalesce Mars, Royal Canin, and AniCura identities. Soft colours define the reception, logos are symbolically encased in a luminous sphere, and a prominent wall narrates the brands' stories, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the Group’s values.

The Pet-Friendly Touch

Understanding the positive impact of pets on wellbeing, Il Prisma introduces pet-friendly spaces. Studies show reduced stress, increased productivity, and heightened employee serenity when pets are part of the workplace.

“We are proud to have completed 'One Mars' in this new headquarters – a journey that began over two years ago and aimed at maximising synergy, valorisation, and efficiency between the processes, projects, and policies of Mars, Royal Canin, and AniCura in Italy. Although Mars pioneered providing flexible working opportunities to its Associates, even well before the pandemic and the Italian legislator's interest in the matter, we are convinced that offices remain a fundamental part of our working lives. In our vision of the 'Future of Work,' their role and design are now more important than ever to encourage collaboration and make us feel even more connected to the company's principles, purpose, and culture. The new One Mars Office fully reflects this vision: we thank Il Prisma for having made it concrete through the creation of spaces in which our Associates can cooperate, co-create, cultivate relationships, and experience our culture,” said Simona D’Altorio, South Europe Corporate Affairs Director at Mars.

To find out more, please visit: Il Prisma | Mars