Innovation, Proptech, ESG: here’s what happened at Studio Alliance’s latest European Conference

This month, all members came together in Budapest for the Alliance’s quarterly European gathering.

With sessions spanning from the latest BIM tools to the Metaverse and future workspace trends, the event agenda had a strong focus on technology, innovation and sustainability.

Knowledge sharing is one of the key elements of Studio Alliance’s mission. As the industry faces a time of great change globally, digital transformation is still front and centre. Clients’ needs are evolving rapidly and so are their expectations around immersive digital experiences. Businesses’ priorities are shifting when it comes to their workplace strategy, from organizational culture, to employee wellbeing and ESG.

The latest member to join the Alliance, Malin Meyer, Partner at Danielsen Spaceplanning said:

"Our clients are recognizing other values within their businesses, such as well-being, user experience, talent retention and attraction, supporting work-life balance and the need to build a solid culture and sense of belonging for employees."

"Through Studio Alliance, us members can support each other locally and internationally while following the client organically when operating in other parts of Europe."

"Meeting the Studio Alliance Exec team was incredibly inspiring. As a new member, I clearly see the added value that generates from interacting with professionals engaged with the same clients and businesses similar to us, from all over Europe."

Gary Chandler, CEO at Fourfront Group added: “Business leaders rarely get the opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals from their own sector or industry. Being able to talk openly and honestly with people that understand your issues and opportunities is both liberating and empowering. The collective intellectual horsepower of the Alliance is immense. Our ability to share best practice, knowledge, innovation and of course relationships will continue to ensure its ongoing success in an increasingly globalised landscape.”