Inspiration and brand identity: Unit 4 Stockholm office transformation

Danielsen Spaceplanning and Area's sister company, 360 Workplace, teamed up to tackle a large-scale downsizing and refurbishment project for Unit 4 Stockholm's office.

By taking cues from Unit 4's branding scheme, the team created a consistent brand character throughout the space using vibrant green and blue colors.

They also designed flexible work zones and breakout areas to provide options for collaboration and remote work, all while strategically placing private phone booths for focused work or online meetings.

Acoustic improvement was a top priority on all two floors, and the team achieved this through custom-designed sustainable felt board acoustic dividers for each workstation. Despite challenges, the team delivered a functional, modern, and visually appealing workspace that meets the unique needs of the Unit 4 Stockholm office.

Prioritizing the development of happy people and conducting change management sessions were critical in driving the project from start to finish. The team devoted considerable effort to comprehending the company's requirements for space optimization while accommodating Unit4's distinct remote working policy. By conducting individual surveys and forming an employee committee that worked closely on a daily basis, we not only identified the company's specific needs but also contributed to shaping its new company culture. This is an achievement that we can proudly reflect upon.

From vision and surveys to test-fits and plan layout, interior design, acoustic design, change management, project management, tenant representation, and more, this project was an all-hands-on-deck effort that involved revitalizing grey areas, re-purposing existing spaces with new programming, and improving acoustic design and function in the office.

Overall, the project not only met the client's needs but also helped improve the workspace and employee experience. With innovative solutions and attention to detail, this project showcases our members' dedication to excellence and their ability to deliver results that exceed expectations.

To find out more please visit: UNIT4 - Stockholm - Danielsen.