KPS Belgium: Creating a multifunctional office space

KPS Belgium, located in the Greenhouse Collection in Antwerp, sought the expertise of Alternativ to design a 300 m2 office space that would serve as a hub for their consultants, fostering collaboration and training opportunities when they are not on external assignments.

KPS Belgium's unique business model involves deploying experts to clients for digital transformation projects.

With workstations used on a flexible and ad-hoc basis, Justine Seys, Partner at KPS, recognized the importance of creating an environment that encourages interaction when employees are not on assignment. Thus, the concept emerged for a versatile space that accommodates the diverse needs of this mobile team:

  • Gathering space: The front of the office is dedicated to informal gatherings, featuring a spacious kitchen area that fosters discussions. Alcoves have been intelligently designed to provide visual and acoustic separation, ideal for impromptu meetings and quick project discussions.
  • Collaboration zone: Further into the office, a dedicated collaboration area takes centre stage. Here, a high table encourages team brainstorming and project status discussions. A glass office box has been seamlessly integrated to accommodate up to five individuals for more formal meetings. Its acoustic design allows for a fully functional meeting room without the need for complex technical adjustments.
  • Workstations and training space: The remaining office area consists of 18 individual workstations, each thoughtfully separated by acoustic panels to offer flexibility and isolation when needed. An individual Mute acoustic booth has been installed to ensure privacy and confidentiality during calls. A six-person bench, a whiteboard, and an adjoining recess behind the booth fulfil the third essential need - providing an ideal space for training sessions.

In alignment with KPS's brand identity, Alternativ's Design team incorporated the company's distinctive blue and bright orange colors into the office design. The use of warm materials like velvet and wood throughout the space creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, further reinforcing the company's image and enhancing the sense of belonging among employees.