London to Istanbul: Dassault's Collaboration with Area Europe and Diem

Dassault elevates collaboration in their swift and innovative transformation of Istanbul office spaces.

Dassault Systèmes, a top French aerospace company, focuses on aircraft production, defense systems, software, and aviation-related areas. The tasked Studio Alliance members Diem Mühendislik Mimarlık and Area Europe chose with creating their new offices in Emaar office blocks, Istanbul. The successful project, completed in November 2023 demonstrates Dassault’s commitment to excellence.

Joint Project with the UK in Istanbul

The project, completed in around 4 months with Area Europe, Dassault’s Studio Alliance partner, of which Diem is one of the founding members, played a crucial role in completing the electrical-mechanical and application aspects. Area Europe provided the architectural concept design for the project, collaborating with Dassault’s staff at Diem Head Office.

Despite facing challenges during the implementation of the Dassault project, such as the need for night work due to building occupancy, Dassault's professional teams ensured a smooth process through effective collaboration.

Embracing Technology for Project Success

Technological integration played a key role in executing the project remotely, which was vital given participants from various European regions. The adaption of a field monitoring system enabled real-time checks on the projects progress. Embracing technological innovations at Dassault serves not only to prevent potential issues, but also to improve overall project effectiveness. Staying updated on technological developments and incorporating them into projects is a priority at Dassault.

Mutual Exchange of Information in Contribution to the Team

"In this project, we collaborated with our Studio Alliance partner, Area Europe. It was a different experience for us to progress the project with our UK-based partner. We learnt many production methods in our cooperation with Area Europe in the professional dimension of project management, use of technology and planning processes. The mutual exchange of information contributed a lot to our whole team."

Diem Dassault project team

"Throughout the project, we achieved efficiency with good planning and correct communication. It was a pleasure for our whole team to see that everything we planned in advance was realised. I would like to congratulate the entire Diem team for this successful project, which reached its goals as a result of their dedication, determination to work and professional approach."

Bora Erşen, Project Manager and Architect

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