Millennial office design

Alternativ supported Belgian digital company Tobania with their plans to expand into new offices. The brand was looking for a workspace that would faithfully reflect their young, dynamic culture and ethos.

“Put digital to work” says Tobania’s slogan, a well-timed motto that is particularly current in a time of unprecedented digital growth. Looking to grow its team by over 300 employees and to accommodate them in a space that mirrored the company’s aspirations, Tobania called on Alternativ to design its new offices.

“Tobania is a genuinely dynamic company that has succeeded in recruiting a workforce made up mainly of Millennials – and intends to retain them! With this in mind, we have created an original design for an inspiring working environment that meets the requirements of Tobania and the Digital Natives who work there” said Greet De Munter, project manager at Alternativ.

Biophilia to increase productivity

On the first floor, Alternativ applied the principles of bibliophilic design. As shown by several studies, the presence of green plants in the office helps boost productivity and can have a calming effect on the users of the space. Alternativ applied a colour palette with different tones of green which was deployed across the space through several elements, from painted rugs to furniture and carpets.

Feeling at home

The second floor features a marine theme, which conveys calmness and tranquillity. Each level showcases a unique environment depending on the type of space and its use. Similarly to the way people pay attention to their home décor to ensure it makes them feel comfortable, the workplace needs to be a place where both employees and customers can feel at ease, inspired, at home. An inspiring workplace sets the tone for people’s quality of life at work.

Why Alternativ?

Alternativ caught Tobania’s Sofie Thielemans’ attention through the renovation they carried out for neighbouring IT services company OneSpan’s, offices. What better business card to leave behind, than a compelling project?

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