No Standstill: How apoprojekt Operates

apoprojekt strives to transform project dynamics with enhanced collaboration, lean methodology and transparent management

Many projects in the industry face challenges due to a lack of coordination and expertise. Committed to changing this, apoprojekt aims to establish Design & Build as a standard in the German market, have a central responsibility source, encourage collaboration, increase transparency, and foster direct cooperation.

Human and Team Aspect: Success through Philosophy and Methodology

apoprojekt's success relies on its culture and values. apoprojekt believes in "Building Teams" – not just as an employer supporting staff, carefully selecting the right skills and creating a strong project team, but also as a service for their clients.

For successful collaboration in projects, apoprojekt follows Lean philosophy and Lean management. Lean ensures cost and schedule certainty, a smooth project flow, continuous improvement, and better communication among all involved parties. Employing the BIM methodology in complex projects, apoprojekt ensures structural organisation and greater clarity in achieving project goals.

Individualised Management Method: Behind the Scenes

A key to apoprojekt's success is combining two management methods. Firstly, with the "Flight-Level Model," they ensure transparency and clear responsibilities across all levels. This helps in balancing strategic, tactical, and operational issues. In addition, apoprojekt uses the OKR methodology, linking company goals with team and employee objectives. This helps document sub-goals and measures for all areas. It ensures constant awareness, preventing stagnation in projects and the company.

Applying OKRs to apoprojekt’s three main products: "Tenant Fit-Out," "ESG," and "Refurbishment & Revitalisation" has ensured continuous awareness of apoprojekt’s standing in each area. This prevents stagnation in both specific projects and throughout the entire company.

"We want to take genuine responsibility for the success of our customer projects and therefore advocate for more collaboration in the construction industry. With Methods and technologies such as BIM, LEAN, Flight-level and OKR, we stay on course towards this goal. Because after 16 years, one thing is certain for apoprojekt: Change remains our constant."

Stephan Winn, Managing Director at apoprojekt.

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