Office Refurbishment: 4 elements to consider

With the pandemic drastically changing the rules of living, interacting and working, businesses have been forced to rethink their workstyle and their office spaces.

Offices have shifted from simple workplaces, to experiential, engaging spaces that encourage collaboration, purposeful interactions and bonding more than any purpose-built home office could ever do.

Agility, flexibility and technology have been popular trends and change drivers way before the pandemic. Now, more than ever, these principles are becoming key elements in office design, helping businesses respond to the new needs of employees.

And this is where refurbishment comes in.

While traditionally the main goal of refurbishing an office used to be an improved aesthetics, in recent times renovating a workspace also means improving business performance, staff productivity, wellbeing and engagement. Not to mention that refurbishment is a way more cost efficient solution than moving to a new office with all the related costs.

So what should you consider when you decide to refurbish your office?

Here are 4 key elements to keep in mind:

1. Flexibility is key

Too many closed spaces? Or not enough? An effective space configuration will help you strike the perfect balance between the two. Employees have become accustomed to working in privacy of their homes, and some may wish to find a similar environment in their office. This doesn’t necessarily mean putting up walls and hard boundaries; mobile panels with sound-absorbing properties or acoustic curtains are only some of the options available out there. A successful office design is one built around the needs of the end users, providing the perfect space for everyone to perform at their best. Putting flexibility at the forefront will create a space based on the needs of employees.

2. Pick the right furniture

From ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable tables and technology support – chances are you already have the best furniture solutions for your employees in your current office. But innovation in this sector is at its peak right now and you might want to consider adding some extra flavour to your office. Self-cleaning furniture might be a great solution to look into.

3. Technology & Digitalization

Touchless solutions, smart welcoming points, wireless charging pads, occupancy sensors, mapping, are just a few of the solutions available for a new office that will encourage employees to engage and interact with one another. With the right tech, employees will feel empowered to perform and be most productive.

4. Air quality

Safety at work is a priority, and ensuring that air purification and HVAC systems are up to date is a must. Indoor air quality affects creativity, attention span and productivity, so make sure your HVAC system is equipped with proper ventilation, humidity control and air filtration to provide a cleaner and safer environment for your teams

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