Reesco Group Transforms CANAL+ Polska Office

Reesco Group takes the reins in revitalising the interior of CANAL+ Polska's office through an ambitious construction project.

The new offices feature functional spaces, enhanced collaboration zones, and creative design.

In a strategic move, CANAL+ Polska embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of its office in Warsaw's Mokotów district. With new functional spaces already created on three floors and ongoing construction on others, Reesco assumed the role of general contractor. The innovative design and new office concept are the brainchild of the InDesign Zbigniew Kostrzewa architectural studio. The transformation occured seamlessly, allowing the office to remain operational throughout the process.

The CANAL+ Polska headquarters, located at 9 Gen Sikorskiego Avenue in Warsaw saw extensive renovations on the 3rd and 4th floors, covering over 1,200 square meters. The primary goal was to amplify the functionality and comfort of the space, with a specific focus on employee wellbeing.

"Having worked at Reesco from the beginning of its existence, I had the opportunity to observe not only the industry from the so-called backstage, but also owners, managers and tenants in office buildings. Their biggest concerns, obviously, are the costs associated with conversion. However, another equally important issue, which unfortunately is not talked about much, is how to modernise the office while maintaining its functions, including the comfort of work of its users"

Michał Kiersnowski, Sales Director of the Office Department at the Reesco Group.

Navigating an active office environment during renovations requires a tight collaboration between owners, employees, and subcontractors.

Addressing the discomfort associated with working in an active office, Piotr Skrobot, Project Manager at Reesco Group, emphasises the importance of cooperation. "We realised early in the process that collaboration was key. Establishing schedules, coordinating activities, and precise management of delivery dates contributed to the overall success of the project," he explains.

As part of the CANAL+ office transformation, Reesco rebuilt almost all office walls while preserving key structural elements. The overall efficiency was improved through enhancements to the fan coils in air conditioning and heating systems. The third and fourth floors feature innovative design elements which create an inviting open space to replace the previous workplace structure. Office spaces strategically positioned around window walls optimise natural light intake.

The new workplace features themed conference rooms, allowing guests and staff to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favourite characters inspired by legendary CANAL+ shows. Soundproofed smaller rooms named after iconic shows like "Raven" or "King," along with a distinctive Hunter Douglas ceiling made of carefully chosen wood bring a loft-like atmosphere. The industrial touch brought by architectural concrete features elevates the interior to new heights of creativity and quality in fit-out services.

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