Reesco’s Sustainable Transformation of the Duina Office Complex

Reesco is responsible for the general revitalisation of one of the largest office complexes in Warsaw’s Mokotów district.

At the heart of Warsaw's Mokotów district, Reesco, a key player in the Reesco Group, has successfully completed the extensive revitalisation of the Diuna office complex (formerly known as Marynarska Business Park). Commissioned by Syrena Real Estate and PineBridge Benson Elliot, this significant modernisation project aligns with the client's commitment to breathe new life into aging structures, emphasising sustainable development.

A Greener Exterior

The transformation focused on the lobbies of four office buildings and the courtyard, emphasising sustainable development principles. Notably, the external area underwent a remarkable makeover, converting a vast 6,000 m2 concrete car park into a vibrant public park adorned with diverse plant life. The construction efforts covered an expansive area of almost 10,000 square meters.

Embracing ESG Standards

The comprehensive renovation of the Służewiec-based office complex unfolded across three key dimensions – modernising internal communal spaces, undergoing significant external transformations, and adhering to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards. The primary objective was not only to enhance the space's ergonomics and friendliness, but also to minimise the buildings' adverse impact on the environment.

“We are glad that during the implementation of this project, some materials were recovered from the dismantling. Although the scale of recycling varies from each project, we always strive to maximise it wherever possible. This is a permanent element of our practice towards ecological and economic solutions, which also proves our ability to approach and work creatively and responsibly.” – says Bartosz Rychlak, Director, Project & Construction Management from the Reesco Group.

Reesco Group led various elements of the project, including the modernisation of entrance lobbies, the construction of a cyclist-friendly locker room with full infrastructure, and the complete overhaul of the patio and outdoor areas.

The once stark 'concrete desert' has been reborn as a picturesque park spanning 6,000 square meters, featuring native plants, artistic sculptures, and innovative amenities. A fogger with 200 nozzles provides a refreshing mist on hot days, and a 48-meter cascading stream creates a captivating focal point. The atmosphere is further enhanced by designer lighting, offering tenants new spaces to relax and unwind.

“An example is a pavilion open to everyone, partly built from recycled elements. It will serve not only as a meeting space but will also fulfil educational functions related to ecology and water management. It is equipped with a rainwater retention system and educational boards engaging tenants and the local community in activities to protect water ecosystems.” – adds Bartosz Rychlak.

Quality Certified

The ambitious Diuna complex modernisation not only revamped common office spaces and external area, but also implemented changes to building systems in all four facilities. This resulted in two prestigious certifications: the WELL Health – Safety Rating by the International WELL Building Institute and WiredScore. Both certifications attest to the high standards achieved during the modernisation process.

Stanisław Wardyński, Director at Syrena Real Estate, underscores the significance of certifications, stating, "Nowadays, building certification is a necessary activity because it guarantees sustainable operation and the highest standards for tenants." The Diuna complex achieved the Silver Level for both WELL Health certification – Safety Rating and WiredScore.

The MJZ architectural studio led the redesign efforts, with Łoskiewicz Studio contributing to the common spaces in the four lobbies, the cyclist locker room, and the new visual identification. Looking ahead, the Diuna complex plans to renew its BREEAM In-Use certificate in the new v6 system post-modernisation.

In ongoing collaboration with the Integracja Foundation, the investment continually adapts to the needs of people with disabilities. This holistic approach affirms Reesco's commitment to creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

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