River Corner Building

Flowing inspiration: CAPEXUS designs a stunning river-themed reception and lobby at river corner office building

CAPEXUS has recently designed the impressive reception area and lobby in the modern River Corner office building situated in the bustling Smíchov district of Prague.

An Oasis to pause

The essence of the entire space and concept is the idea of an oasis to pause the traveller's journey, inspired by the name "River Corner". The idea draws from both the literal and figurative aspects of water and corners. The flowing water imagery that greets visitors as they enter is simply mesmerizing. The ceiling is constructed of stretched film and is illuminated throughout, while sharp corners define the river, creating spaces to pause and rest along the way.

Connecting interiors & exteriors

Tenants of the building can hold a meeting directly in the lobby, which boasts an impressive and high-standard meeting room also designed by CAPEXUS. The emphasis is on connecting the interior with the exterior, and to achieve this purpose, mirrored surfaces have been used to bring the newly renovated external park-style courtyard closer to the people in the space.

"We wanted to create a place that would not only serve as the main passageway through the building, but also be a place where visitors like to linger. We approached it like we would the design of a hotel lobby. That's why there are several corners where you can sit comfortably and enjoy a good coffee while waiting for a meeting.” Said Martin Židek, CO-Head of Architecture at CAPEXUS."

Artistic elements & living greenery

Custom-made works of art and paintings are just some of the many interesting features of this space. Living greenery, in the form of green walls and solitary plants, plays a key role in the design, bringing a touch of nature into the interior. And how can we forget about the reception desk? It's a true standout, composed of three massive granite blocks, each weighing nearly two tons. These unique and thoughtfully executed elements truly make this space one-of-a-kind.

Barrisol ceiling film and designer lighting

The Barrisol ceiling film that stretches across the entire lobby is not only impressive but also highly functional. Divided into several parts, it allows visitors to experience a range of light scenes with varying intensity. In the reception and lounge areas, the lighting design incorporates elegant glass drops, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. Here too, inspiration is drawn from the water element - a recurring theme that can be seen throughout the design.

Supporting local businesses

As a part of their commitment to the community, CAPEXUS made a conscious decision to support local businesses and suppliers as much as possible in this project. The designer lamps were sourced from Bomma, while the stunning stone reception desk was created by the Jež stonemason's. Storage boxes from Blocks, glass installations from Jakub Pollág, and artworks from up-and-coming Czech artists were also incorporated. The result is a space that is both prestigious and joyful, reflecting the beauty and creativity of the local community.