T-Mobile: an office designed around people

As part of a global revamp of their Prague headquarters, T-Mobile tasked CAPEXUS with bringing a refreshed aesthetics to their head office.

Featuring a brand new cafeteria and a dedicated space for events, T-Mobile’s new office space is built around its employees, striking a balance between productivity, collaboration and relaxation.

Gradually transforming the closed offices into flexible, multipurpose areas, CAPEXUS created a space where employees can either hold formal meetings or host corporate events and teambuilding activities depending on their needs. While the central zone is dedicated to the company management, the rest of the office hosts a cafeteria with seating and a kitchen island.

Relaxation areas featuring books and soft seating are available to employees who need to slow down during a demanding workday. Glass and furniture partitions guarantee privacy, while allowing in plenty of natural light. Large magenta elements featuring the corporate colour palette add character and energy to the entire floor.

Flexibility is at the heart of the project. All offices have been optimised to offer employees a suitable atmosphere for focussed or collaborative work, while offering the best level of comfort. The whole floor hosts several smaller kitchens with coffee equipment and snacks, while the corridors and common areas are speckled with fresh flowers and biophilic elements, creating a truly comfortable, relaxing ambience.

Photo author: Alexander Dobrovodský

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