The Crowne Plaza Brussels-A working environment that supports the identity of the space

The Crowne Plaza Brussels –combining Le Palace and the Indigo Hotel, has a shared sales and bookings department that dovetails perfectly with the Art Nouveau ambience of the former and the plant-inspired decoration of the latter. This new project was orchestrated by Studio Alliance member Alternativ, on behalf of the Pandox AB hotel company.

For Frédéric Bouchacourt, Project Manager at Alternativ, it was a question of designing a warm, welcoming workspace inspired by the codes of operating within what is a usually cold, service-based space – but a place that is also productive and helps support identity. “Our client wanted a workspace that reflected the overall atmosphere of the hotel,” recounts Frédéric, recalling the great synergy generated by the team. “So we responded accordingly.”

“The aim was to create a versatile working environment for a rotating team of 24 employees. Personal storage spaces were designed in the form of cabinets, plus the installation of non-personalised seating and a ‘Silent Box’, which provides the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the office when a quiet place to work is required.

Alternativ also worked with absorbent acoustic materials to cut down the noise created in a small, crowded area dedicated to office work frequently interrupted by telephone calls and so on. Providing staff and other visitors with the ideal level of working comfort and convenience was an essential requirement.

A single place with a single identity

Frédéric Bouchacourt also produced and polished the visual identity of the offices used for the sales and bookings department, drawing creativity from the Art Nouveau atmosphere of the Le Palace and from the plant-inspired ambience of its neighbour, the Botanic Gardens. “We opted for a very flower-based effect, using touches of natural wood, with notes of green generated by a warm floral wallpaper and pastel seating,” he says, concluding with, “The decorative effect evokes gentleness and harmony, breathing a Zen breeze into the sales and bookings department, where the atmosphere has a tendency to become very heated!”

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