The Workplace Puzzle Model

In a time where the workplace is undergoing a radical change, Studio Alliance founder member Diem Group developed a model for the future office to accommodate the new needs arising across the industry.

After Covid, up to 80% of office spaces are expected to remain vacant. Diem’s model focusses on adaptability and is fully customisable to different businesses and their employee requirements. The end goal is to return to offices that are attractive and high-performing spaces.

Melih Samli, Founder of Diem Group says: “Offices should be a source of revenue and idea generators, places that encourage innovation and new thinking. But the words ‘office’ and ‘workplace’ cannot be intertwined anymore because of this new, changed reality. We need a new workplace model that allows businesses to balance remote and office-based work and use the space intelligently to maximize effectiveness. Our model offers the best of both worlds.”

Is working from home here to stay?

Although some employees are keen to return to the office full time, they will be returning to a very different workplace: fewer colleagues, a different atmosphere and new working methods will all be part of the new office reality.

According to customer research, 95% of executives said the office areas will remain unchanged in the short term - but a 25% decrease is expected in office areas in the longer term due to the introduction of new ways of working.

What is important about the office?

Despite the long commutes and time-consuming meetings, "being at work" has many positive aspects. The office is the place where problems are solved through collaboration, where opinions are exchanged, and the brand and business culture are maintained alive.

Although the workplace may evolve, it is certainly not dead. If anything, this new reality is an opportunity to reconsider what was not working and optimise the strengths and positives of the office environment.

What will be the purpose of corporate headquarters?

In just a few months, it became very clear to the world’s leading companies that they did not need all their employees to physically be in the office for their business to run smoothly.

Nevertheless, headquarters have always been more than just a place where people work. They are an expression of a company’s culture and brand. Visitors can perceive an organization’s ethos just by stepping inside the lobby.

In Diem’s Puzzle Model, HQs are seen to undergo a major change too, shifting from a corporate hub to a brand showcase for the community.

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