Transforming Pavel Kolar's Centre of Physical Medicine

Pavel Kolar's Centre of Physical Medicine is a living testament to the captivating parallels between the human body and modern interior design.

Nestled in Prague's vibrant Chodov district, renowned for its personalized and comprehensive approaches, precise diagnostics, and masterful craftsmanship, this facility sprawls across a grand 1,650 square meters. Our member Capexus unveils this remarkable success story.

In a bold pursuit to provide clients with cutting-edge facilities and a wide spectrum of specialized care, the Centre embarked on a strategic journey to new premises. Leveraging existing architectural plans, Capexus meticulously crafted the technical design, executed the construction, and masterfully orchestrated the installation of a substantial portion of the center's state-of-the-art equipment.

Healthcare establishments come with an array of unique demands, spanning from the meticulous selection of surface materials to meet stringent hygiene standards to the implementation of additional safeguards for electrical systems. Drawing upon their expertise in this domain, the Capexus team was more than prepared to meet these distinctive challenges.

Conventional healthcare interiors often exude a clinical, sterile aura that can inadvertently foster anxiety and unease among patients. Hence the team’s strong focus on a thoughtfully designed space that emanates warmth through inviting aesthetics and soothing colour palettes.

Capexus' approach ingeniously melds materials, acoustic excellence, and premium lighting to fashion a contemporary haven where individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including children, seniors, and professional athletes, can discover the care they seek. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey toward revitalizing well-being.

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