Transforming workplace experiences: lessons from three leading companies

In the third and final instalment of Area’s series on designing a better workplace experience, the team have explored the journeys of three companies—Convex, TD SYNNEX, and Vinted.

While they operate in diverse markets, they all share a profound commitment to a people-centric approach, highlighting the universal importance of workplace experience in today's world.

Workplace experience matters, regardless of the industry. Whether you're in IT, insurance, or the online retailing of second-hand clothing, the quality of the workplace experience is paramount. In an era where individuals have the freedom to choose how and where they work, adapting the workplace to meet evolving employee expectations is a universal imperative.

Convex: elevating the insurance sector

Area’s collaboration with Convex began in 2019 and has encompassed projects in Bermuda, and Luxembourg. It commenced with the design and construction of Convex's expansive 55,000 sq ft London office. This move reflected Convex's commitment to fortifying its position in the global insurance market.

The prestigious Scalpel building in London was chosen strategically, offering a prime location for talent attraction and growth. The Convex office was meticulously designed to provide an exceptional user experience across five floors, aligning with six essential building blocks for a great workplace experience:

  • a sense of identity
  • personalization and choice
  • the right spaces
  • functionality and support
  • sensory wellbeing
  • community and pride

Applying these principles, the sense of identity was deeply integrated into branding, personalization and choice were evident in the variety of work settings, and sensory wellbeing was promoted through eco-friendly materials and biophilic elements.

TD SYNNEX: IT services and team engagement

Workplace experience was a significant consideration for the Area team when working on office projects for IT services specialist TD SYNNEX in Basingstoke and Bracknell. The goal was to create a dynamic and positive work environment fostering teamwork and engagement. The design achieved this through a flexible workspace design, neighbourhoods, well-being areas, and multifunctional furniture. These elements created a strong sense of identity and promoted sensory wellbeing, making the workspace conducive to collaboration and innovation.

Vinted: nurturing workplace experience in an online retail environment

Vinted, an online second-hand retailer, places a strong emphasis on workplace experience across its multiple offices. While Vinted transitioned to a hybrid work model post-COVID, the office remains a hub for community and equal participation. Sustainability is a key component of their workplace strategy, with an emphasis on functionality and support and sensory well-being. The company values its sense of community and pride, celebrating its mission through live gatherings and communal spaces for employees to come together.

In summary, these three diverse companies—Convex, TD SYNNEX, and Vinted—demonstrate the significance of a people-centric design approach in enhancing workplace experiences. Regardless of the industry, the principles of identity, personalization, well-being, and community stand as common threads in creating a workplace that inspires, engages, and supports employees in their diverse roles.