Transforming Workspaces: ČEZ Prodej Offices Revitalised by CAPEXUS

CAPEXUS recently completed the office renovation project for ČEZ Prodej, situated in the Alpha building within Prague's Brumlovka area, resulting in a modern collaborative workspace.

Led by CAPEXUS architects, the project features dedicated zones and innovative lighting solutions, and the distinctive shape of the building effortlessly reflects the company's philosophy in the final design of the offices.

A Vision for Collaboration

From the outset, it was clear that the primary goal of the project was to create a workspace that enhances effective teamwork while aligning with the company's strategy. The optimisation of office space was a key driver, allowing for job sharing and adaptation to evolving work needs without the need for additional premises. This not only led to potential cost savings but also ensured efficient utilisation of existing space. The responsible approach undertaken allowed for CAPEXUS to create a unique and modern space aligning with the needs of ČEZ Prodej employees.

Design and Implementation

The layout, planned by CAPEXUS architects and executed through construction, involved dividing the space into dedicated zones to accommodate various functions. Despite challenges posed by the triangular floor plan, such as fire safety and building technologies, the resulting layout offers functionality and practicality, featuring team zones, collaboration areas, and communal spaces.

A Connecting Motif

The ČEZ Prodej brand, synonymous with energy, is prominently featured through an illuminated line that runs through the office. Lighting plays a crucial role in the project, complemented by creative graphic wall coverings in line with the industrial style of the building. Curves serve as a unifying element, evident in the reception area where moulded transparent silicone tubes provide unique lighting. The effect of the transition into dark surfaces ensures design consistency throughout the space.

A Culture of Collaboration

At the heart of the new offices lies the community zone, serving as a hub for informal discussions and team meetings. Its design exemplifies how a well-considered brief and a central theme can transform a larger space into a welcoming and functional environment.

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