Treehouse: A Meeting Hub Inspired by Nature

Treehouse is a building on the edge of the city of Utrecht, providing approximately 16,000 m2 of office and meeting facilities.

Treehouse is certainly not a standard office building. The space was designed around the concept of ‘meeting’, creating a social hub for people to interact first and foremost.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by the 28-meter-high central hall, featuring a majestic central tree, counter and bar.

Treehouse draws inspiration from the idea of an ancient tree in a central village square, the focal meeting hub for people to gather from near and far. The building layout revolves around this core concept of ‘meeting’, creating a space where people can come together to share ideas, make plans, and collaborate.

Ditt. Officemakers was commissioned by APF International and worked alongside Bureau Dietwee, responsible for the graphic design, and Houtvanjestad, who provided the tables and the slat walls giving new life to the old ash trees from Utrecht.

The rugs in the restaurant, entrance and the meeting rooms designed by Ditt draw inspiration from the shadows and prints of trees, which is in turn link to the names of the meeting rooms. The characteristic tree rings are also reflected in the entrance and lines on the parking deck of the garage.

Alongside its social hub featuring a dining area, kitchen, and bar, Treehouse also includes meeting rooms, a gym, and outdoor spaces. The building is designed to be sustainable, with elements such as a green roof and solar panels.

Treehouse is a great example of how office design can be used to promote collaboration and creativity. It's a place where people can come together to work, learn, and grow.

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