Turning office spaces into avant-garde masterpieces: Reesco’s Yope head office transformation

Studio Alliance member Reesco has successfully executed an avant-garde office fit-out for the new Yope head office in Warsaw's HOP business centre.

The 570 sq m office not only serves its standard function but also provides an extraordinary backdrop for the product range of the Polish cosmetics brand.

This project, guided by designer Anna Łoskiewicz from Łoskiewicz Studio, features unconventional solutions, setting it apart from typical office interiors.

Reesco’s scope ranged from demolishing the old interior to implementing the architect's vision. The office, designed to host product sessions, needed precision in execution. The team coordinated with architects, consulted industry partners, and closely monitored delivery dates to ensure smooth progress..

"The design of the new Yope office included many decorative nuances and unconventional solutions by creative duo architect Ania Łoskiewicz and brand owner Karolina Kuklińska-Kosowicz. Refining the details and collaboratively perfecting the design required great concentration and attention to every detail, as well as constant communication with all entities involved in the project. Due to the specific function of the space and the use of unconventional solutions such as decorations in the form of clouds or waves and a glazed table finish, it was undoubtedly one of the most interesting fit-out projects that we have recently implemented"

Michał Kiersnowski, Sales Director, Office Department in the Reesco Group

Architect Anna Łoskiewicz and brand owner Karolina Kuklińska-Kosowicz infused their experience in photo sessions and event spaces into the Yope office design. The result is a unique interior with captivating details at every turn. The play of light, glossy surfaces mimicking water, numerous mirrors, and varnished furniture elements contribute to a visually stunning atmosphere. Strong colors on the walls, a blend of dark brown and lemon peel yellow, create a bold yet harmonious backdrop, complemented by warm-toned light wood furniture. The Yope head office stands out as a naturally unique and exceptionally original space, embodying creativity and avant-garde in every detail.