V.Offices: Poland’s highest BREEAM-rated building

Grupa Reesco’s sister company Iliard designed the scheme with the highest BREEAM rating in the country.

With a total score of 98.87%, the new construction office building sets a whole new standard for the Polish market.

Developed by AFI Europe Poland, V.Offices is strategically located in the very centre of Kracow beside the main railway and bus stations allowing for easy and quick connections with the local transport hub.

The name of the building is reflected in its unique visual identity which resembles the letter ‘V’, as well as recalling the scheme’s mission statement: being ‘very’ environmentally-friendly, centrally located, tenant-oriented and flexible.

Environmental awareness was a key element from the very beginning. The investor's ambition was for the building to achieve the highest possible BREEAM certification score, starting from the concept stage. Certification itself was perceived as a comprehensive and holistic sustainability assessment framework and guaranteed best practice throughout the process.

One of the key aspects of V.Offices is maximum optimisation on every level. An innovative, quality-led approach was adopted from the early stages, where the architects deployed the most advanced technology available to achieve high quality, excellent efficiency and ultimately setting a new standard in the CEE region.

V.Offices was able to achieve:

  • 34% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to the baseline building performance
  • 37% reduction in primary energy consumption compared to the baseline building performance
  • 57% water use reduction compared to the baseline building performance

The building generates its own heat in highly efficient cascade gas boilers, supported by renewable heating energy from roof solar collectors.

Utility consumption is monitored by an extended BMS. Incoming data can be analysed to optimise the systems even further. Immediate notifications of any deviations from the standard levels enable rapid response to faults or leaks. The system also provides energy usage and performance data storage, making it easy for facility managers to monitor and plan operational trends for the building.

‘V.Offices demonstrates that investors' awareness and dedication, combined with the knowledge and know-how delivered by architects and designers is able to produce remarkable results in the field of sustainable construction. We would like V.Offices to serve as a road sign and indicate the direction in which the construction of commercial buildings should be developing in our region’ – said Wojciech Witek, CEO of Iliard Architecture and Interior Design.

Iliard is the architectural arm and sister company of Studio Alliance founder member Grupa Reesco.

To find out more, please visit: Iliard