When less is more: Vodafone’s HQ office revamp

The red operator tasked Studio Alliance member CAPEXUS with the transformation of their Prague HQ.

Located in the City West office building, Vodafone’s new 2,500 sqm offices underwent a remarkable transformation – without any construction alterations.

Author: Prokop Laichter

To achieve the makeover required by the client with minimum interventions on the building, CAPEXUS relied on the use of atypical design elements and pieces of office furniture.

From sliding walls to podiums and natural elements, the final result was a brand new ambience rich in natural materials and a warm coloure palette. With employee wellbeing at its core, the new layout is designed to offers users a range of collaboration areas and breakout spaces.

“Vodafone expects employees to work remotely 60% of the time and spend the remaining time primarily collaborating in the office. Out of this 2,500 meters hub, only 15% is dedicated to traditional workspaces, with so-called co-creation stations available for employees to meet and brainstorm.” — Martin Židek, architect at CAPEXUS —

Light partition elements including a sliding Japanese wall are deployed across the space allowing for a flexible layout and provisional division of the space. Organically shaped seating and biophilic elements which loosely refer to the art of tree miniaturisation also nod to Japanese design.

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Author: Prokop Laichter