Work hard, play hard: an office space designed for both

Completed within just two months, Ekata’s new Amsterdam office is a space designed to convey energy and drive.

DITT Officemakers supported the leading anti-fraud platform with the creation of a dynamic, energising working environment capable of bringing together its employees. A space that feels like home, where everyone can give their best.

Despite the tight timeframe, DITT dedicated abundant time and effort to getting under the skin of Ekata’s brand and their office building.

The result is an engaging, vibrant space featuring a tennis table and bar alongside the work stations. Fun and work are skilfully blended in together; elements of playfulness are weaved throughout the design, cleverly counterbalancing the working areas.

The furniture is used to bring character to the space, creating a fresh, dynamic environment. The final design reflects Ekata’s brand identity as well as its urban surroundings. The space was also designed to stand the test of time, and cater for the business’ future growth.

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