Blue Yonder: global reach, local heart

Area supported the team at Blue Yonder on their journey to revitalise their workplace and create an office that would better support their culture with a strong focus on collaboration, flexibility and wellbeing.

Blue Yonder’s relocation to their new office premises presented a unique opportunity to start afresh, leaving behind previous traditions and implement their new strategic aspirations.

Through its long-standing relationship with Blue Yonder, Area achieved a broad understanding of its business culture. This knowledge was a key element to ensure the project would deliver the very best design outcome.

The client’s brief aimed to create an open-plan collaborative environment focussed around creativity and flexibility. Area’s solution was an adaptable scheme with a range of work settings for both collective and focussed work. The new spaces included huddle rooms, hot desks and meeting rooms with acoustic features optimised for video conferencing. A seamless integration with technology throughout the entire workspace ensured the project could respond to the needs of a global team.

While still applying global brand guidelines and colours across the space, the design also responded to specific cultural requirements. The Paris team for example highlighted the importance of good coffee and socialisation. As a result, the new office featured a ‘worker’s council room’ and elegant social spaces for team lunches.

Area’s team worked closely with Blue Yonder to ensure a consistent delivery process in line with the complexities of local codes and regulations. The team delivered the project during a national lockdown introducing innovative ways of making the workplace COVID-secure – even after the pandemic.

Each Blue Yonder workplace showcases a versatile design language which creates continuity, while incorporating unique design details into individual workplace schemes that reflect the local context.

Delivery Partner: CDB

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