Partners in Innovation: Sabancı Holding and Diem Transform Levent Headquarters

Diem recently completed an extensive renovation of Sabancı Holding's headquarters located in Levent, Istanbul.

The project encompassed a total area of 6,000 square meters spread over nine floors, including both office and common areas. It was categorised as an office fit-out and was successfully completed in August 2023.

About Sabancı Holding:

Founded in 1967, Sabancı Holding stands as one of Turkiye’s largest and most diversified conglomerates. Operating across various sectors such as energy, finance, retail, and cement, the company is headquartered in Turkiye but has a robust global presence in 15 countries with more than 70 companies and over 60,000 employees. Sabancı Holding is committed to innovative growth, focusing on sustainability and social responsibility.

Project Details:

For the renovation of its headquarters, Sabancı Holding partnered with Diem Engineering and Architecture. The project aimed to modernise and enhance the functionality of the office and common areas. Diem were tasked with the execution and coordination of the renovation, ensuring that the space was transformed to meet the modern business needs while adhering to the original design intentions.

Project Execution:

Throughout the renovation, Diem managed all aspects of procurement and construction. The firm ensured that all involved parties were aligned with the project goals through a robust communication network and regular coordination meetings. These efforts guaranteed that the project was executed on time and within budget, with a high standard of quality and compliance to the design requirements.


The renovation provided Sabancı Holding's employees with a modern and functional workspace. All targeted renovation and fit-out works were completed successfully, achieving customer satisfaction. The project was marked by a harmonious integration of design elements and infrastructure adjustments, managed through effective coordination.

Birant Akkuyu, the Project Manager, noted, "Within the scope of the project, especially thanks to the coexistence of many design components, the harmonisation of the infrastructure differences required and the successful coordination in the solutions, the result was achieved in the expected quality. The project was completed on schedule without any negative impact on the operations throughout the building."

Conclusion and Future Outlook:

The successful completion of this project highlighted the critical importance of careful planning, attention to detail, and teamwork in project management and execution. Sabancı Holding aims to maintain and continuously improve this approach for similar future projects, ensuring sustained success and innovation.

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