Ahrs Developments: An inspired workspace revolution

Arhs Developments Belgium, a company specializing in software development and IT projects, enlisted the expertise of our member Alternativ for a Design & Build project.

In an opportunity to delve into the concept of Look & Feel and the latest trends, we sat down with Victoria Penanhoat, Interior Designer at Alternativ.

Arηs (/aris/) stands for 'advanced, reliable information systems.' This international company, headquartered in Zaventem and with branches in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Jordan, places immense value on creating an enjoyable work environment that fosters motivation and professional growth. That's why Ann De Ridder, Managing Director of Arηs Developments Belgium, chose to entrust Alternativ with an 800m2 Design & Build project. Natalie Schoonjans, Sales & Project Manager at Alternativ, spearheaded project management, while Victoria Penanhoat collaborated with Ann De Ridder to craft the design.

Crafting a distinctive and elegant identity

Armed with insights from Arηs employees, Alternativ mapped out traffic areas and designed two floors featuring open spaces, offices, expansive meeting rooms, soundproof booths, and a welcoming work café to encourage social interaction.

Victoria Penanhoat emphasizes, "Look and feel transcends brand logos and colors; it's about establishing a consistent visual ambiance through space, shape, color, and texture." Precision in integrating Arηs' color codes was pivotal, as the aim was to create an environment that balanced femininity and masculinity. The final design embraced black, neutrals, brass accents for a touch of elegance, complemented by greens and textured wallpaper in a harmonious color palette, along with the introduction of warm and inviting wood accents. This approach bestowed the offices with a strong and casually chic identity, meticulously tailored to various spaces such as work zones, meeting rooms, and the kitchen.

Embracing contemporary office trends

The integration of nature in the workplace, a trend in high demand, was duly acknowledged. Arηs' project incorporated vibrant green elements and the choice of wood for the reception desk and corridor, both custom-crafted with finesse by Alternativ. Creating a 'homely' ambiance was paramount, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere akin to one's own abode, with communal spaces to enhance the office's liveliness.

Furthermore, sustainability and recycling played a pivotal role, driven by increased awareness of waste reduction's positive impact. This approach not only aligns with environmental consciousness but also offers cost savings. Victoria elaborates, "Our team was also responsible for sourcing the furniture. We refurbished some of the existing chairs, reallocating funds for new seating to provide customers with a broader range of upholstery designs compared to new chairs. We offer decorative fabrics to suit diverse tastes, ensuring that the new elements seamlessly complement the recycled materials."

This inspiring project was successfully concluded in June 2022. Building on the synergy of established collaboration, Arηs chose to partner with Alternativ once again for their other offices in Luxembourg and Namur, exemplifying a commitment to excellence in workplace design.