Lenovo's Farnborough office transformation: A sustainable and innovative journey

Lenovo, a global technology leader, found itself at a crossroads as their office lease approached expiration.

The global pandemic had reshaped their operational approach, prompting a need to reevaluate and adjust to the evolving preferences of their workforce. The decision to relocate their office within the dynamic Farnborough Business Park marked the beginning of an exciting journey.

Having previously collaborated with Studio Alliance member Area on the refurbishment of their former Basingstoke office, Lenovo entrusted their expertise to transform their new workspace into a vibrant and dynamic environment.

The headquarters office building, designed by Sir Norman Foster, served as a striking source of inspiration. Its design seamlessly integrated with the aviation-centric surroundings of Farnborough, a theme that became central to Area’s design approach, reflecting the essence of flight and innovation in the space's aesthetics and functionality.

The challenge lay in the building's inherent division into two wings, eastern and western, both of which Lenovo occupied. Area’s concern was that this division might naturally segregate employees, hindering cross-functional interaction and synergy. To address this, the team strategically positioned communal areas in each wing, encouraging fluid movement and interaction between teams. By leveraging the unique architectural attributes and aviation-themed location, Area successfully eliminated the division, creating a workspace that fosters connectivity and reflects the local context.

Lenovo's vision emphasized the seamless integration of their brand identity, visible from the reception area with an illuminated LED Lenovo logo. A thoughtfully curated colour palette harmonized with their branding, transitioning from deep greys to subtle shades of purple, infused with warmth and dynamism through pink, light blue, and grey accents. The brand's iconic bold red was subtly incorporated throughout, maintaining a strong connection without dominating the workspace.

To demarcate seating areas, the design integrated pink and light blue felted panels, which also served as dividers, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. It also emphasized openness and collaboration, in line with Lenovo's mission.

Sustainability is at the core of Lenovo's global strategy, shaping their approach to products, operations, and office spaces. Collaborating with Waste to Wonder, an upcycling and recycling initiative, Lenovo ensured that their office spaces exemplified environmentally responsible design and construction. By reusing materials, diverting waste from landfills, and supporting the "School in the Box" initiative, the project achieved a significant impact, reducing carbon emissions and benefiting communities.

The project proudly holds a SKA Gold Certification and is located within a BREEAM Excellence certified building, underscoring its commitment to environmentally responsible fit-out practices. These accreditations showcase not only a workspace of distinction but also a beacon of environmentally responsible practices.

Lenovo's Farnborough office transformation is not just a workspace; it's a testament to sustainable and innovative design and construction practices, reflecting Lenovo's values and commitment to a responsible and eco-conscious future.

To find out more, please visit: Lenovo | Area