UNICEF Belgium's inspirational office evolution

Office branding is about personalizing office spaces to reflect a company's identity, turning the workplace into a compelling representation of the brand.

UNICEF Belgium has set an exemplary standard in this regard, partnering with our member Alternativ, led by Sales & Project Manager Natalie Schoonjans, to create an inspiring workspace that welcomes employees, visitors, and most importantly, children.

Located within the Gare Maritime, an energy-neutral building renowned for its sustainability and versatile office and event spaces, UNICEF Belgium leased 821 m2 of office space. The objective was to establish a dynamic and open working environment, inviting their team, partners, supporters, and young visitors.

UNICEF was founded in the aftermath of World War II to provide humanitarian aid to millions of children in need. Today, its mission to safeguard the well-being and rights of children remains as critical as ever. UNICEF Belgium, one of the 34 national committees worldwide, plays a crucial role by raising funds for international UNICEF programs and by advocating for children's welfare, both in Belgium and globally.

Alternativ took on the task of conveying UNICEF's virtuous mission and values through the design of its workspace. Given UNICEF Belgium's role in organizing training, events, and hosting numerous visitors, it was paramount to infuse the organization's identity into the office's design.

"We opted for a spacious, open work area to symbolize transparency, featuring workspaces with desks and acoustic booths for employee privacy. Additionally, we designed an informal collaboration and gathering space that fosters a convivial atmosphere. To represent UNICEF Belgium's mission of protecting vulnerable children and their rights, we introduced a central house element to symbolize safety. This welcoming space serves as both a reception area and a flexible office, resonating deeply with the UNICEF Belgium team. We collaborated with UNICEF suppliers and partners, prioritizing sustainable materials, natural wood, and soft color palettes. Large UNICEF children's photos adorn many walls, adding a colorful and vibrant touch. This project was a result of co-creation and a deep understanding of the team's needs. We are immensely proud to have collaborated with an organization dedicated to such a vital mission."

Natalie Schoonjans, Sales and Project Manager

This project not only transformed UNICEF Belgium's workspace but also reinforced its commitment to protecting children and promoting their rights, making it a place that embodies its noble cause.