VIDA Amsterdam’s new social hub

Appointed by APF International, DITT built a new social heart for VIDA Amsterdam, a business centre located in the city’s Kabelweg.

DITT’s design opens to visitors through a spacious staircase leading from the entrance directly to the social heart, the Quad, located on the first floor.

Both a multifunction and flexible space, the Quad elegantly links the existing areas to the newly designed meeting rooms as well as allowing access to a roof terrace. The parking garage includes a new bicycle shed directly connected to the main entrance through a newly designed passageway.

“The trust in our original concept, the establishment of a Social Heart with the characteristics of a "Quad" (originally an open space, where people can come together, with an enclosure of buildings on four sides) was able to function as a coat rack for the final design. As designers, we were given plenty of room to develop our own ideas.” said Mark Molenaar, Interior Designer at DITT

“Despite COVID-19, we were able to be on site with some regularity to monitor the construction process closely. In addition to being able to assess the design, this was also important because the frameworks changed regularly during the realisation. This allowed the concept to be maintained in the best possible way and the result now meets all expectations. We are proud of it.” added DITT’s Interior Designer Rachel Santegoets.