The Future Workplace: Expert Insight from our European Network

Area Europe, based in London, have produced a guide on the Future Workplace. This guide contemplates what the next generation of workplace environment could be and includes insight on returning to the workplace, social distancing and the future of workplace design.

Director Lee Day comments “ Over the course of the past few months we have all experienced a change to our daily lives and how we work. The global pandemic will have far reaching implications of how workplaces are designed and how they operate for months if not years to come.

To help navigate people’s understanding of the new normal of work, we’ve reached out to our clients, partners and our commercial supply chain across Europe to get their perspective and insight to how things are changing in local markets.

This insight helps provide us with a unique perspective to draw upon when working with our clients to find the best working solution for them, their business and their employees; whether that be a full-time office solution, part-time or a blended working approach, we contemplate what the next generation of workplace environment could be.

The Future Workplace guide includes expert insight regarding returning to the workplace and how businesses can prepare their office to employees have the confidence to return to the workplace, social distancing and the potential long term implications to how the future office space is designed, as well as the future of workplace design and what positives can be taken from this experience that will influence office design and benefit employees.”

To download the full guide: